Traditional vs. New Age Golden Dawn

(Rebuttal to Robert Zink)

Most people in the Golden Dawn community are already aware that New Age marketer, Robert Zink, has created a New Age/Golden Dawn hybrid Mr. Zink named the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

I personally do not see anything wrong with this. After all, the Golden Dawn community already has "Regardie" Golden Dawn orders, Thelemic Golden Dawn, and even Buddhist Golden Dawn. Why not a New Age Golden Dawn order as well?

As a marketer, one really has to give Robert Zink credit. He is most adept at "rebranding" anything successful in the New Age community by giving it a new name and twist to make it his own. In this way, "The Secret" became Robert Zink's, "The Guarantee" (, Reiki became "Ruach Healing" (, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) became Robert Zink's "Neuro Linguistic Alchemy" (

All of this is really rather cute and clever marketing to which our order has no objection to whatsoever. Where we do object, however, is when Robert Zink crosses the line to use the Hermetic and Golden Dawn traditions for "get rich quick" schemes.

For example, on his Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn website Robert Zink rebrands S.L. MacGregor Mathers' portrait with his own image, as the self-proclaimed "Guardian of the True Golden Dawn Tradition." Despite the obvious grandiosity, is there really any harm in this?

It is shocking, however, on Robert Zink's EOGD membership page where Mr. Zink claims he can make you a "full Golden Dawn initiate" from the comfort your armchair without ever leaving your living room. All you need to do is send Mr. Zink $200 and poof - you will become a "full 'Astral' Golden Dawn initiate. This kind of nonsense gives the entire Golden Dawn tradition a bad name, including the traditional and legitimate orders like our own.

Our order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, and our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn have for years been promoting a vision of the Hermetic tradition that transcends the published Golden Dawn material.

We hold that the aim and purpose not only of the Golden Dawn, but of the entire Hermetic tradition is "Soul growth" in the energetic sense. We also have been teaching how Hermetic Inner Alchemy is a most powerful means of cultivating our energetic natures, in transmuting the matter of our physical bodies (lead) into pure Solar energy (gold), with the aim of achieving conscious immortality.

Since ancient Egypt, Hermetic alchemy has rightfully been called "The Royal Art" of Kings. Inner Alchemy, although it requires great physical discipline and personal sacrifice, is not merely the art of physical transmutation. It is also nothing less than the SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUS IMMORTALITY. For good reason, the methodologies of this most arcane of occult sciences have remained most carefully guarded secrets of the Western esoteric tradition.

It is therefore shocking that Robert Zink has decided even to rebrand even Inner Alchemy for yet another of his New Age schemes.

On his Miracle Mentoring website, Robert Zink recently wrote:

You can learn the secrets of inner alchemy to begin turning any area of your life from lead to gold. The results are incredible for the sincere seeker of alchemical transformation who craves a life filled with miracles...

Build a profitable business
Become a millionaire

What? Become a millionaire with Inner Alchemy?! Why is it that every single time something more about the Hermetic tradition is made public, it is immediately turned on its head and PROSTITUTED by someone like this?

Never before have the vast differences between one Golden Dawn order and the other been so readily discernible, as well as between what we each teach. In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega we teach "Soul growth," the development of your energetic nature, with the aim of eventually attaining conscious immortality.

Robert Zink, on the other hand, teaches EOGD members that the true purpose of Inner Alchemy is how to ...


As stated already at the outset of this article, there is nothing wrong with a hybrid New Age-Golden Dawn order. Diversity is a good thing in the Golden Dawn community . Diversity gives people choices. But it is also important that you understand what you are getting yourself into so that you can make an INFORMED choice.

If Robert Zink wants to become the Tony Robbins of the Golden Dawn, that is his own business. This stuff no doubt has a market out there - good for the part-timers and the gullible ...

... But all this has nothing to do with magic or with the Golden Dawn - And this certainly is nothing for serious seekers!

Admittedly, our order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Alpha et Omega) is not for everyone. Our order is certainly not for the lazy or the idly curious. True "Soul growth" (energetic evolution) requires a great deal of dicipline and many hours of magickal practice. Our outer order training alone goes far beyond that of even the "Inner Orders" of other Golden Dawn groups. In fact, our training is so rigorous, our order is frequently referred to as the "Harvard of the Golden Dawn."

Since our order only has room for the most meritorious spiritual seekers, it is important that you have other choices. If, for example, you are interested in making a million dollars with NLP and the Law of Attraction, then a New Age order like the EOGD would be a much better choice for you.

Still, it is important that you should be able to make an informed decision. The letters below from EOGD Chief, Robert Zink to EOGD members, give you a very good idea of what you can actually expect as a member of EOGD.

New Age Psychic Readings

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Posted By: Robert Zink
January 24, 2010
Fraters and Sorors,
I will be using a number of metaphysical tools today to provide you your reading for 2010. We will go either quater by quater or month by month. We will cover the five primary points in our life for 2010 This an not an other tarot reading. Much of the reading will not even use the tarot, altho I will use the Ibis/Thoth spread along with the five pat GD psread and invocaton.
I am 98% accurate. I suggest that if you are a call to Terry and I suggest you book a full hour. She will go over details. with you. I also suggest you have a pen an paper to get the most of the details I will give you.
This is your year...2010
G.H. Frater P.D.R.
This one day opprotunity to get your yearly complete reading is presented by the Temple of Isis and Ibis Universe
Wellness & Positive Change Center

New Age "Angel" Readings with "Enochian Angelic DNA 24 Stand Activation"

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Subject: Attention members of Temple Ptah
September 28, 2010
...I will do an entire class on Friday Night on the kabalah, Hermetics and the Law of Attraction. This will be available to every member of Ptah. On Saturday I will bring you the most dynamic program of Psychic Development, including Enochian Angelic DNA 24 stand activation performed on everyone, plus an Angel Readings will be available; YOU WILL LEARN the same skill that saved my life from being run over by a car many years ago. You will learn how to contact angels in ways beyond what you are taught in class. This is advanced work, and I would encourage all to attend. I look forward to seeing you at PTAH on Oct 9th, 10th 11th. Pass the word.
G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink)
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

New Age Teleseminars (NLP Goldfire - EOGD "Inner Order")

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Subject: Your chance to change your life..GoldFireee
Posted By: Robert Zink
July 8, 2009
This is an opprotunity ONLY for Golden Dawn members. I run a MASTERMIND group called GoldFire. You may not qualify for GoldFire, but if you do, you can expect to receive magical results and positive change in your life. This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is an on-going magical master mind group that meets over the phone once a month for two to three hours, and has a private forum. In addition to the other members doing magic to improve your life and to achieve your goals, I am doing magic several times a month for all the members in GoldFire.
Keep in mind that this program works. I will gladly share details in a personal phone call. I want to add two members between now and Sundays conference call. Write me now at:
PLEASE leave your name and number.
G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink)
Imperator General of the E.O.G.D.

New Age CD Seminars (The Guarantee)

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Posted By: Robert Zink
May 12, 2010
Brethren, I have a magical opportunity and in order to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity I am willing to offer the first 10 members of our Order THE GUARANTEE ( 6 cd set based on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes ) for the discounted price listed on the website, and if you are one of the 10 and do this before Thursday and 12 Midnight, I will provide you every other CD Program that I have listed on my website... FREE! I want to track how this program works. This results will be used by an independent marketing company. Your downloading of the GUARANTEE is a promise that you will use the GUARANTEE for 30 days and write a 1 page report on your results. When you download the Guarantee 6 cd audio program made by me, you will again receive access to all the other CDs but you must write me at: and let me know you downloaded the program. I am giving you hundreds of dollars of audio on angels, healing and other related topic.
SEE THEM ALL ON PERSONAL-MAGIC .COM Here is where you download and learn more about the GUARANTEE. theguarantee .info / YOU can see the other audio programs by visiting : personal-magic. com Only 10 people are allowed to take advantage of this.
GH Frater PDR (Robert Zink)
PLUS, you will receive every CD program on my website. I will be sending you access to all the other CD programs.

New Age Faith Healing Gatherings (Ruach Healing)

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Posted By: Robert Zink
Subject: Equinox workshop at the Temple of Isis in L.A.
February 8, 2010
Greetings in Light,
The Equinox will be a special weekend at the Temple of Isis Mighty Mother. This weekend will contain everything you could expect. It is worth flying out to attend.
1. You will seen the new Grand Temple of our Order. Plans are already underway to share this Temple in a special way with you. You will love the sound of your voice vibrating in this Temple.
2. You will attend a weekend certified Ruach Healing workshop. This workshop will bring take you into the world of Qabalah Healing and the teachings of Hermes. You will become a full certified Ruach Healer.
3. You will be a ground zero as our Order prepares for the global shift of increased Light coming into the world. This is a time for Light Workers to come together.
4. Friday Night will include a special evening revealing many secrets and a general evening of magic.
People are already making plans to attend from all over the country. If you live anywhere within the sound of this email. I would like to personally invite you to attend this special weekend. Become a Healer. There is no higher calling.
Call Terri at 714-612-3947. If she is not home, please leave your information and if you are planning on flying from out of town...allow her to help you. I really would suggest you do it now. This event is filling up faster than almost any event we have had.
G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink)
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
P.S. A few of you may want to spend some time with us in Southern California.

New Age "Oracle of Angelic Healing Touch" Certification

Esotericgoldendawn Members Yahoo Forum
Subject: Become a Certified Oracle of Angelic Healing Touch
Posted By: Robert Zink
February 6, 2010
Greetings in Light,
Some people say there is a shift taking place in our world. These are people that are in touch with the unified field of which we are all apart of. This shift may be very subtle, but as humans begin to think in terms of love rather than war, in terms of spiritual prosperity rather than poverty, the unifield field begins to shift. Each thought creates a ripple in this field. Angels have worked though prophets, Sages, Magi and Seekers of Light since the beginning of man moving shifting from crawling to walking. Now man is ready to fly. Not in the physical sense, but in the esoteric sense.
Our Order has always taught the use of Angels and ofcourse the most important contact in that connection to your own Higher Genius. Angelic Touch came through over 35 years of contact with Angels. There has been one angel that acts as a central core to call on any number of millions of angels that might be needed for specialized kind of healing. Imagine having the ability to clear your sphere of sensation and to bring in a specialized angel that would connect to everything you know about healing and to angels throughout the universe for healing?
This is exactly what happens. I have already got so many calls and letters from people who are doing basic Angelic Touch work from our 1 day workshop at Isis. This workshop was basic, however if the principals are applied, the angels will do remarkable things. While this workshop is not purely Golden Dawn and not required for members, members seem to get the most out of it.
The two day workshop coming up in April will be a MIRACLE WEEKEND. People that attend this workshop will experience Angelic Touch beyond anything imagined. If you are a GD member, a practioner of Light, a Reiki healer, or Ruach Healer, than this workshop is a way of empowering what you are doing beyond anything you currently experience.
Come up for the weekend. We have a wonderul venue. Beautiful rooms, an experience to remember. Plan on seeing, hearing, and feeling the power of Angelic Healing.
In the Light of Angels,
G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink)