If you or anyone you know has been defrauded by Robert Zink's ESOTERIC Order of the Golden Dawn, you are urged to immediately contact your local FBI Office, Internet Fraud and Piracy Division. Above all, never give Robert Zink your credit card number!

Massive public complaints against Robert Zink's co-called "Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" led to the Better Business Bureau publishing the below "F" rating public warning you can view live here:



Numerous honest Golden Dawn orders exist today on the internet. Sadly there is one exception: The so-called "Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" credit card scam operation run by known sex offender and internet con artist, Robert A. Zink (alias "The Amazing Zinga," GH Frater PCA, GH Frater PDR, and Robert Zinga). Robert Zink is a known sex offender. One identified victim was impregnated by Zink as a young girl while her Mother was a member of Zink's "Order." The victim was left as a penniless, single Mother by Zink, having dropped out of Rosary high school due to the pregnancy.

Robert Zink was thrown out of his own Golden Dawn "order" by its most advanced members. You can read the original announcement here. Deserted by all of his Adepts and Temples, fallen Adept, Robert Zink, today operates his EOGD website as a one man credit card scam posing as a Golden Dawn order.

Zink was expelled from his order for an entire list of reasons, the most important of which were thousands of dollars of credit card fraud - and nearly two decades of attacking other Golden Dawn leaders with paranoid delusions of "Golden Dawn Nazis," "Dangerous Megalomaniacs," and "Sex Magic to satisfy lower desires."

Here is what one victim of Robert Zink's EOGD scam recently reported what happened to him on YouTube:

Regarding Robert Zink's fraudulent activities, long term EOGD Adept and Hierophant of its Denver Temple, VH Soror FSO recently wrote:

[The Adepts of EOGD's Second Order who expelled Robert Zink judged] "He [Robert Zink] was found guilty of using the Order, it's forums, websites and blogs to sell his "programs" to people, then 1.not providing services which were paid for, 2. repeatedly not sending material which were paid for and 3. Countlessly over-charging members whose credit card numbers you obtained for things like trips, clothes, and whatever else suited his fancy...not to mention his overly brazen act of opening a credit card in another members name and then charging $1500 to it..."
VH Soror FSOalso wrote:
"Robert Zink was expelled because he was victimizing the students who joined our Order through the illegal activities of theft, credit-card fraud, and inappropriate sexual advances to the female members of the Order." [Note that Robert Zink's "improper sexual advances" once included illegally impregnating the underaged daughter of one EOGD member. Perpetrator Zink later left the victim DESTITUTE today as a single mother after causing her to drop out of high school].

Here is what another EOGD member who became fed up and turned their back on Robert Zink says:

"Sadly these accusations are all true. I was once in the EOGD with Sideshow Bob and even supported him and wrongly defended him on forums for a while - until I saw how he defrauded people, how he treated people, including his ex wife - in fact if is was not for her he would be nothing. she did ALL the hard work for him with absolutely zero gratitude. He treated her like dirt. He [Robert Zink] conned a woman in Europe out of $30,000 of her life savings and took money from her credit card without permission. I heard the stories from some of his former members about his magical attacks on others using members, like poor, blind "VH Frater DN", Heirophant of the Temple of Isis, who wrote a recent Blog, to do his attacks for him, hoping to keep his hands clean karmically. After I left his order, I heard how he had put his own body fluids into his tinctures and sold them to new neophytes, also spraying the substance into their mouths at one of his events. He denies this. I have one of these tinctures, called "Tincture of Gold" and would be happy to send it to you for analysis. Which address should I send it to? This stuff we know he has done is probably only the tip of the iceberg... There is absolutely no way anyone should trust this man [Robert Zink] again. He should be behind bars. in Light LVX A former EOGD member."

There have been literally hundreds of people who were cheated out of the full benefits of traditional Golden Dawn initiation by Robert Zink's New Age "Astral" initiation scam. Here is what one victim of Robert Zink's New Age fraud schemes has to say:

"I wish to keep my name and email private: I paid for Zinks Miracle Mentoring and only recieved 4 of the 5 sessions. I tried contacting Robert several times to finish our mentoring and he has still never contacted me back. There were also many times where I would call for our appoitment and he would never answer or call me back, what should have taken a month took several months and we still never finished. I was ripped off and will never trust this man again."

Here is what EOGD member, Mary Dunford, says, who finally had enough the fraud perpetrated by Robert Zink:

"Hi, I just saw the post about PDR [Robert Zink] from the EOGD. Long story short... I used to belong to the EOGD and my experience was identical to the guy's on Utube. Unfortunately, they had me turn against my own physical temple that i was a part of as well. i am not part of an order now. i was looking for local temples when i came across this. to be honest, i never liked the cross order bickering, but please let anyone know that i WILL VOUCH FOR THE FACT THAT YOU WERE TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT THE EOGD BEING A SCAM. I'll give my phone number on a case by case basis. Yours truly, Mary Dunford (Formerly Soror PIQU)"

Here is complete text of the letter, signed by all of the Adepts of the Inner Order of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, expelling "Fallen Adept," Robert Zink:
Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn Public Announcements: Expulsion of Robert Zink from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn 

Expulsion of Robert Zink from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
Friday, February 4, 2011

Greetings in LVX,

It is come to the point where we of the Second Order have to take the
unfortunate action of deposing former G.H. Frater P.D.R. (Robert Zink) of his
highly influential position and expelling him from the Esoteric Order of the Golden
Dawn. He received the grievances from the Adepti of the Second Order, but was
still given a great deal of time and opportunity to reform his ways. In response to
this, he persists to hold himself above accountability and has gone to great lengths
to secure his own position through surreptitiously ensuring as much of the Order's
assets were under his sole control as possible. There are many grievances that the
Body of Adepti has brought to him, however the main points that have lead to this
final decision are as follows:

1. Robert Zink has taken thousands of dollars from Initiates and Adepti in return
for promised products and services that he did not deliver on, nor refund. His poor
business practices continue to afflict many Initiates and Adepti and, despite many
promises of reform, he has shown no signs of changing or even slowing down.

2. Robert Zink has used the forums, materials and name of the Esoteric Order of
the Golden Dawn in connection with his personal products and services against the
will of the Second Order and has refused to stop doing so. The result has been
that the public and our own initiates perceive that our Order endorses his
products and services. Let it be clear that the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
does not endorse his products and services, nor do we approve of them at all.

3. Robert Zink has created and uses several blogs and forums that he has
connected with our Order's name to make personal attacks on other members of
the Golden Dawn Community especially, but not limited to, David Griffin. Let it be
understood, that although David Griffin's Order and ours operate under very
different philosophies and interpretations of the Golden Dawn Tradition, we do not
condone these attacks by Robert Zink and they do not reflect the attitudes of the
Adepti of our Second Order.

4. Robert Zink has abused his position of influence along with his well-studied
knowledge of techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychological
manipulation to endear a substantial number of Outer Order initiates to his
personal unpaid servitude. We find this practice cultish, detestable and in no way
a reflection of the true principles and practices of the Golden Dawn Tradition.

5. Robert Zink threatened and in several cases has admitted to performing magic
intended to cause harm upon several initiates and Adepti when they attempted to
hold him accountable for his poor business transactions and mistreatment of
members of our Order and their non-initiate family.

As a result of the above points, Robert Zink has sullied the spiritual and magical
development of a great many initiates of our Order. In addition he has caused
great and in many cases irreparable damage to our Order's reputation and the
reputation of the Golden Dawn Tradition as a whole in the eyes of the public.
It is for these reasons and many others not mentioned here that Robert Zink,
formerly G.H. Frater P.D.R., is stripped of his rank, position, and authority and
expelled from the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Let it be understood that due to his surreptitious actions, the websites of our
Order under the names of and are under his personal control. All moneys, inquiries
and applications sent via these websites currently go to him personally and do not
go to our Order. Any personal information provided to his sites will ultimately be
used by him as part of his marketing database to promote his personal products.
No Temple of our Order supports him nor will perform initiations on behalf of
those from whom he accepts money and applications. As such, any promise of
initiation, astral or otherwise, that he makes will be a deception.
For the time being the official websites representing the Esoteric Order of the
Golden Dawn as a whole will be those of our two Grand Temples: and
Sincerely and in LVX,
The Chiefs and Adepti of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
The undersigned represent the entire body of the Second Order. With the
exception of only a couple verbal responses, all approval statements are on file. It
should be noted that all the Chiefs and Adepti of our Order, including the
dissenting votes, agree that the accusations given above are true and that
something must be done to protect the public and our own initiates. Those
dissenting disagree only with the action of expulsion. With 3 Chief Adepti vs. 1 for
expulsion and one abstention and the overwhelming approval of the Adepti of the
Second Order, this act of expulsion is confirmed.
Approve, GH Frater AA, Chief Adept
Approve, GH Frater ICL, Chief Adept
Approve, GH Frater SI, Chief Adept
Abstain, GH Frater BT, Chief Adept, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true,
agrees that Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Disapprove, GH Frater TDL, Chief Adept, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are
Approve, VH Frater IC
Approve, VH Frater SD
Approve, VH Soror CMU
Approve, VH Frater CDD
Approve, VH Frater P
Approve, VH Frater VMP
Approve, VH Frater OOA
Approve, VH Soror RT
Approve, VH Frater MD (Ptah)
Approve, VH Frater MD (LLL)
Approve, VH Frater PV
Approve, VH Soror AEI
Approve, VH Frater ID
Approve, VH Soror POIO
Approve, VH Soror VPP
Approve, VH Frater FOF
Approve, VH Soror SM
Approve, VH Frater SA
Approve, VH Frater CE
Approve, VH Soror B
Abstain, VH Frater SLS, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true, agrees that
Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Abstain, VH Soror P, Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true, agrees that
Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut
Disapprove, VH Frater DN (D), Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true
Disapprove, VH Frater DN (T), Nuance: Agrees that the accusations are true,
agrees that Robert Zink's contact with the Outer Order should be cut.