Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Membership Information

Regardie's Confession 


In 1937 Llewellyn published the first of four volumes,

written by Dr. Israel Regardie,

that revealed the Golden Dawn Rites and teachings.


Those four volumes have been republished over and over again,

for almost 100 years.


The idea was to preserve the Golden Dawn's teachings through self study. But...


Israel Regardie wasn't able to reveal everything!

For the first time ever, the complete, 3 order Golden Dawn Magick System is available to anyone who is bold enough and dedicated enough to learn it...


You no longer have to end your Magickal training at Minor Adept,

as has been the case for 100 years.


The Secret Masters have finally revealed the rites and rituals

to attain even Ipsissimus (10=1)


...an initiatory level many believed was only attainable on the astral

if it even existed at all!

Dear Seeker, 

If you want an amazing life, a life that matters in the grand scheme of history...

If you want to throw off the shackles of death and live forever...

If you want to move past worries about material and physical needs, because all of your needs are effortlessly met...

You are in the right place!

You'll magickally meet all of your physical needs, attain a life of financial comfort, attract the love you've been craving...magickally design a life of ease.

As Maslow said, once your basic needs are secured, you are free to pursue higher order needs, like self-actualization and your ascension to a being of light.


And once your base needs are met, you'll finally be able to complete the Great Work - and become more than human!


After 124 years of searching, it is finally possible to complete the course of human evolution in just one lifetime.


Hi, My name is David Griffin.


I'm sure you doubt my statements above, however I can assure you there are levels of initiation in the Golden Dawn which, until now, have not been available to you…


...levels of initiation that have only been whispered, speculated and guessed about. Some say the highest order can only be attained on the Astral. Some say it doesn't exist at all.


You don't know it yet, but in just a few minutes you're going to learn why “they” are wrong. You're going to find out how you can get access to previously unknown teachings and how I came to learn these mysteries.


But first, some history:


The Magick for the Golden Dawn’s Second Order (RR+AC) was revealed to S.L. McGregor Mathers in 1891 in Paris by representatives of the European Order of Hermetic Alchemists Mathers called the “Secret Chiefs.”


The goal was to help humanity evolve...to develop your soul...your true self.


To become more than human.


Yes Magick can be used to attract sex, to gain power, and to attract wealth. Interestingly enough, that's why most people are drawn to ceremonial Magick...and it will deliver all those things if you want them.


The paradox, however, is once you start learning the mysteries, your desire for wealth and power and base level satisfaction of the flesh fall away, and what's left is a desire to love and to develop your soul. You'll find you use Magick to secure a comfortable, stress free life...a life filled with love and compassion.


Once there, your desire for more money and more power will wane, and the desire to become a true being of light will emerge.


This is the Great Work. And to assist humanity in the Great Work was the goal of Dr. Israel Regardie.


And the teachings of most of the Golden Dawn temples around the world are based on Dr Regardie's published material, which ends your journey at the relatively low grade of Adeptus Minor (5=6). You can get these same lessons from virtually any bookstore.


The journey, however, doesn't end there.


The Minor Adept level is only the first phase of the initiatic cycle of death, voyage in the world beyond (Major Adept), and rebirth (Exempt Adept).


Much like martial artists find when they finally reach “black belt,” an Adeptus Minor will find (s)he has just enough information to BEGIN doing the Great Work.


The leaders of other orders will tell you it's not possible to reach  the radiant solar consciousness of immortality, symbolized by the Ipsissimus (10=1) grade - That it's only attainable in the astral or that it doesn't exist at all. - I can assure you they're wrong!


In a moment I will fully explain HOW I learned these secrets and why I am now making them available, 30 years after Dr. Regardie shed his mortal form.


But first, I must explain WHY he withheld the highest-level teachings from the world.


Secrecy is fundamental to Magick!


The secrecy wrapped around Magick isn't just for fun or mystery or manipulation. As a matter of fact, it makes spreading the message of Magick, the message of our individual power as divine beings, far harder.


People naturally distrust and resent secrets. So WHY are so many Magicians so secretive? Why was so much about the Golden Dawn system kept secret for so long?


The simple answer is because Magick is dangerous.


The revelation, and explanation, of how to use advanced techniques can bring on insanity and even death if the student isn't ready.


I know it sounds a bit dramatic, however it's vitally important for you to understand…


What We Do Is Real!


Imagine for a moment you have an electric water pump you use to keep water circulating in a fountain. If that pump is designed to run on 5v of electricity, and you hook a power source up that is 10v, the motor will run at an extreme speed, pressing the limits of it's ability, then it will burn out.


The same happens when a student who isn't ready for a Hermetic practice attempts to undertake it unprepared. The increased energy starts to affect their energetic body.


That body starts racing and, if the student stays at it too long, his energetic body will burn out.


That burn out will be manifest in their physical and mental health.


And what's worse, there are some functions which, once started, can’t be stopped by the Magician. So a young Magician, in his youthful exuberance, finds a practice he should not see and decides to use it.


After the ritual he feels charged, energized and ready to “take on the world.”


A week later, he feels tired and empty...like butter spread over too much bread.


A month later he is hallucinating and is in poor health. The doctors have no idea why he is sick, and his hallucinations cause him to be institutionalized.


He may or may not recover, depending on the amount of damage to his energetic body, however even if he does recover, the chances of him ever being an accomplished Magician are exactly zero.


Once again, this might sound dramatic, but it is incredibly important that you understand...What we do is REAL!


That is why the higher order secrets have been kept hidden for so long.


I'll discuss, in just a minute, how these higher orders’ secrets were transmitted to me, but for now I will say they have never been available anywhere else.


Many temples offer the lower order teachings that are available in the Llewellyn’s book, however no other order can teach you beyond what's available in your local bookstore or at Amazon.


How I Came to Posses These Higher Order Secrets


As I mentioned earlier my name is David Griffin and since 1996 I have been the Golden Dawn Imperator.


Along with Golden Dawn Cancellaria, Leslie McQuade, we have worked tirelessly for 20 years to help others realize their power and work to fully experience the fulfillment of their dreams and desires through white Magick...the same type of Magick taught in the Golden Dawn.


I became a leader of the Golden Dawn by virtue of my work with Cris Monnastre, Dr. Regardie's primary disciple and apprentice.


When Dr. Regardie retired, he passed the torch to Cris Monnastre, gifting his Magickal tools to her, including his Rose Cross from Elsa Barker, who carried the light of the Golden Dawn to the first temples in America for our founder, S.L. MacGregor Mathers.


Cris Monnastre passed the torch to me, together with Dr. Regardie’s Magickal tools, after she found her spiritual path leading her in other directions.


When I accepted the mantle of the Golden Dawn from Cris, there were some shocking revelation in Dr Regardie's personal effects.  Notes from decades earlier that exposed truths I had suspected but never had any confirmation for.


Revelations like, until recently mankind, in general, wasn't ready to undergo the last steps of the Great Work!


For several years now, since the higher order secrets were transmitted to me, our Golden Dawn order has enjoyed the ability to advance beyond what's available at the book store, but those secrets have been guarded closely by our order.


If the secrets we have made available to our order were written in a book and published...it would be impossible to keep them from those who are not ready and those who would fight against the evolution of our species.


In the desire to “protect” mankind from “evil” influences, the ignorant could very well set back the next age of human spiritual development a century or more.


How Technology Can Now Protect The Great Work,

and Make it More Accessible Than it Has Ever Been!


Dr. Regardie pointed out in A Garden of Pomegranates: 

"...it is essential that the Golden Dawn system should be publicly exhibited so that it may not be lost to mankind. For it is the heritage of every man and woman – their spiritual birthright."

I believe he was 100% correct, and I believe the Golden Dawn and the Magickal revival is the best way to ensure this birthright is protected and given to all of mankind.


As a matter of fact,the founding of the Golden Dawn’s Inner Order in 1891, is the esoteric cause of the Magickal revival that's been going on for over 100 years.


In 1899, eight years later, Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers performed the rites of Isis in Paris. This awakened the sacred divine feminine and put in motion an energetic wave designed to balance the feminine and masculine energies, which had been out of balance for so many centuries.


The Mathers' ritual work provided a powerful spiritual impulse paving the way for the Neo-Pagan revival and a powerful resurgence of Goddess veneration.


That's how powerful these Golden Dawn rituals are. They literally can change the spiritual direction of the world - And Dr. Regardie would have seen the entire corpus of the Golden Dawn available to everyone!


His intentions were noble, and I applaud him for keeping the knowledge alive...without him the tradition most assuredly would've died and been lost to mankind.


However to reveal everything would have destroyed everything.


Despite his noble intentions, Dr. Regardie believed that many of the former members of the Golden Dawn would be angry with him for releasing the rituals of the Golden Dawn.


He was correct. Some even went so far as to publicly slander his name.


The good news is, with technology and the Internet, today we can make Dr. Regardie's dream a reality. We can make even the most closely guarded secrets available to anyone who is qualified no matter where in the world you call home...


…and at the same time we can protect the students who are not ready from misusing this powerful knowledge to their own detriment and the detriment of those around them.


It's important to note, Dr. Regardie so loved and believed in the Golden Dawn system of Magick he and Cris Monnastre performed a 9 month series of rituals in the late 70's to call forth a Golden Dawn resurgence.


Dr. Regardie was so sure the Golden Dawn system of Magick was the pathway to the next step in the evolution of mankind...he put all his Magick power into seeing it happen.


I don't believe in coincidence...


Just 10 months after Dr. Regardie moved into spirit, the first meeting of the Internet Engineering council took place...just 4 years after his death the World Wide Web was created...and just 6 years after his death, the World Wide Web was open to the public.


The Internet, in its modern day incarnation, is what allows Dr. Regardie's dream to come true. We can safely distribute all the wisdom needed for humans to truly evolve into what we are meant to be...beings of light. Spirit incarnate...


The fact that Dr. Regardie and Cris Monnastre did a powerful series of rites to give birth to a reawakening in the Golden Dawn and the first seeds of the public Internet were sown a mere 10 months after his death, confirms for me that Dr. Regardie is working on the astral to help mankind evolve, just like he did in this world.


I am humbled to be part of Dr. Regardie's grand vision. That said, there are people more powerful than Regardie working towards the same ends, and when they contacted me...


I Was Sure it Was a Hoax...


The power wielded by these people/entities in, and out of, this world makes military and financial power seem small and insignificant.


Throughout history, Magicians have been in contact with these powers. Some have had amazing results and some were destroyed by the association.


These powers do not have a conscience, per se...at least not like we would perceive it. Their ability to see all ends gives them cognition far beyond the average person, or Magician.


These powers are collectively referred to as the Secret Chiefs.


They are the same group that initiated Mathers and revealed the first two orders of the Golden Dawn. These Secret Chiefs are both in human form and on the astral.


I had heard of them, as have most other High Magicians. I wasn't convinced they were real, however, until they reached out to me.


At first I thought it was a hoax, a stupid joke played by those who have tried to discredit me for years.


However they convinced me they were the real thing, and I finally came to understand, the Secret Chiefs are real, and they are incarnated in physical form.


What I learned from the Secret Chiefs was earth shattering.


I have talked about keeping secret the innermost rites and rituals of the Golden Dawn, and I have talked about how Dr. Regardie couldn't reveal those secrets.


What I have not said is WHY Dr. Regardie couldn't release the rituals...


It turns out he  couldn't release them because...


He didn't know them!


Until recently, the Golden Dawn system was incomplete.


I found this out in 2002, when the Secret Chiefs contacted me. First I thought it was a hoax, then I was honored...then terrified.


One does not get a choice when, or if, they make contact. When they notice you, and decide to use you, your only choice is to comply.


I know that seems harsh, I mean what powers would contact you only to force you to do what they want? The powers that made the knowledge of ritual Magick available to mankind - from the very beginning.


By using the Magick they revealed, after a certain level, you volunteer yourself to be contacted and be enlisted in their work to help enlighten and evolve mankind.


At a certain level, you realize individuals, while important, must be of service to broader mankind. - It's the only true way to Magickal fulfillment.


When they contacted me, the Secret Chiefs instructed as to the missing elements of the highest-level rites of the Golden Dawn. They revealed to me how to reach Ipsissimus, 10=1.


They revealed to me why they had instructed Mathers to perform the Isis ritual after they initiated him and gave him the second order...


They explained the power of the rituals Dr. Regardie had performed and how he was working on the astral to further the “footprint” of the Golden Dawn in the world.


They also instructed me to again perform the Rites of Isis, which would bring a full circle to the Magickal energy Mathers started in 1899 and start a wave of Magickal energy that would push humanity to our next evolution...beings of light.


I want to make it clear, I am not claiming to have the Magickal power to evolve humanity, I am saying that Leslie and I were simply two people in a chain of powerful and talented magician, many moreso than we,  stretching back over 100 years.


Mathers started the Magickal current, Dr. Regardie rejuvenated it, and now Leslie and I are bringing the Magickal wave full circle.


There is power in closing the circle...far more than we could possibly summon ourselves. This isn't about me as an individual, or me and Leslie as a couple. - It's about all the Magicians who have worked in the Golden Dawn system for the last 124 years.


I was instructed to perform the Rites of Isis, within a group, AFTER the eclipse on March 20th, 2015.


In short, until March 20th, 2015 the energy for a great awakening was not right, according to the Secret Chiefs.


On that day...the Vernal Equinox together with a total Solar eclipse, everything changed!


They explained that the original Isis Ritual performed by S.L. and Moina McGregor Mathers in 1899 was the first wave that really opened the door for the divine feminine to make resurgence, as I mentioned earlier.


Almost a century later, when Dr. Regardie and Cris Monnastre did a series of rituals to resurrect the Golden Dawn, it created enough of a current to ensure the momentum of human evolution could continue.


Now, the Secret Chiefs explained, it was time to solidify the presence of the sacred feminine in this world, restore the balance between masculine and feminine and raise humanity to our next energetic level, and help us break out of our materialistic prison and become who we were meant to be...beings of light!


The Complete GD System is Finally Available to You!


The Secret Chiefs revised the 2nd order rituals and transmitted to me the entire 3rd order rituals and initiations.


The reason no one believes a Magician can obtain the level of Ipsissimus (10=1) on this plane of existence is...


…because until the Secret Chiefs revealed it to me, no one had ever been instructed how to do it.


Crowley claimed, and was correct, that   for their own reasons the Secret Chiefs excommunicated Mathers. I don't know why, but it's clear they did.


However,, Crowley subsequently, proved he was an oath-breaker and traitor to his brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn by publishing the second order rites, and damaging them beyond repair.


My suspicion is, seeing the state of the magickal community, the Secret Chiefs chose to withdraw and let things unfold.


I think they wanted to see how the Magicians of the world would behave and where the knowledge they had released would end up.


When the Secret Chiefs contacted me, they gave me alterations to the 2nd order to repair this damage Crowley did.


As a side note, Crowley died a broke and alone, addicted to heroin, not because he wasn't brilliant, but because he was mentally unstable and an oath breaker.


He was a talented Magician who never was able to find the secrets he was looking for, all because of the seeds he sowed in the publication, and profaning, of the Golden Dawn material.


The Secret Chiefs, I believe, left him to his doom because he proved himself untrustworthy and reckless.


It's not nice, but the Secret Chiefs are in it for all of mankind...not just one person!


When they contacted me, as I mentioned earlier, it was both amazing and terrifying...however, I made a vow to myself to follow their instruction and work to maintain the integrity of the GD system and do whatever I can to play my small part in the Great Work.


The Changes the Secret Chiefs Gave Me...


I want to apologize for the long-winded nature of the following explanation. It is critical that you understand what the Secret Chiefs transmitted to me, and why they did it.


If you're brand new to ceremonial Magick, this explanation might be a bit confusing.


You don't need to understand every word as you read it. What I want you to ask yourself, if you get confused is, do I want to understand what I'm reading along with much deeper mysteries?


Bear with me for a little bit, I'm sure you'll find this interesting and enlightening...


In modern esotericism, there exist three types of esoteric orders. These fall into two general categories; “symbolical” and “operative.”


Among “operative” orders, there are those that are “analogical” (called lunar) or “direct” (called solar).


At the simplest level we find symbolical orders like Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn’s 1st Order.


In such orders, spiritual wisdom is presented symbolically; either during the initiation rituals or with supplemental study materials as in the Golden Dawn.


Operative orders practice Magick and/or Alchemy for spiritual development. These systems may be either “analogical” and “direct.”


Analogical spiritual practices are called "lunar" because like the Moon reflects sunlight, lunar spiritual practices refer by analogy to higher, “solar” practices that lie beyond.


Solar practices include “Internal Alchemy,” which transmutes the physical body into solar energy by harnessing internal fires to raise the frequency vibration of the body, thereby elevating consciousness.


Using solar spiritual methods, this “Great Work” of human evolution can be vastly accelerated - even completed in a single lifetime.


This results in opening perception on the “Inner Planes” beyond the physical and conscious immortality in the universe inside light.


We find symbolical and analogical references to these “solar” spiritual practices encoded throughout the Golden Dawn corpus.


As originally conceived, the Golden Dawn’s 1st Order taught through symbols, and its 2nd Order practices Lunar Magick that refers by analogy to the Solar Magick and Alchemy of its 3rd Order.


History, however, was to prevent the establishment of the Golden Dawn’s projected 3rd Order during S.L. MacGregor Mathers’ lifetime. While Mathers was still manifesting his brilliant synthesis of Qabalistic and Enochian Magick for the 2nd Order, the Adepts of the fledgling RR+AC in London rebelled, provoking the order's first schism.


This was quickly followed by the Horos scandal and by the betrayal of the order by Aleister Crowley, thus preventing the completion of the entire 3 Order system for over a century.


Crowley's publication of the 2nd Order’s (RR+AC) corpus of Magick, although of benefit to the wider esoteric community, was a disaster for the RR+AC.


Our order recognized the gravity of this situation. The 2nd Order’s egregore had become hopelessly polluted by usage of its published Magick for egotistical and black magickal purposes. It had also become hypocritical to require oaths of secrecy from Adepts regarding well-known, published material.


To correct this, our order proclaimed a Rosicrucian reformation, the "Reformatio Fraternitatis Anno 1999," in accord with the 111 year reformation rule of the original Rosicrucian order.


As the first step, all 2nd Order materials profaned by publication were moved to the (Outer) 1st Order.


As a consequence, our 1st Order (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) for the first time became an operative as well as symbolical order, with 1st Order members already learning and practicing Golden Dawn Magick.


Due to the prevalence of published works on Magick, most individuals today no longer need to spend years learning only theory through symbols presented in initiation rituals, as was the case in 1888.


Today, most candidates are practicing Magick already, and require proper training and guidance so as not to pick up bad habits or perhaps even harm themselves.


Believe it or not, most orders still make new members wait 3-5 YEARS before you get any training or guidance in Magick. Today, in our order, you can practice Magick from day 1.



In short, we still practice all the old Magick of the RR+AC. It is just that this now is part of our "Outer" 1st  Order.


Next we set out to reform our 2nd Order, the RR+AC.


This was possible only after 2002, because of my contact with the Secret Chiefs.


We could only reform the Magickal system of the RR+AC once I fully understood its purpose.


Golden Dawn Magick is a system for developing the energetic Soul of the Magician, by systematically awakening the magickal Forces, beginning with those closest, then moving out through the planets to the stars.


Since the astrological Magick systems originally used by the RR+AC were profaned by Crowley (the Qabalistic and Enochian systems), the Secret Chiefs gave me a yet older, complete system of astrological Magick to replace them. This is the system of Chaldaen Magick.


Chaldaen astrological Magick awakens in the Magician the forces of the elements, planets, signs of the zodiac, decants (10º), quinants (5º).


Thus the Golden Dawn’s Chaldean Magick serves the same Magical function as do the profaned Qabalistic and Enochian systems, but with oath bound angels completely protected by secrecy from abuse.


Chaldaen Magick additionally includes the spirits of the individual 360º of the Zodiac, making it the most comprehensive system of astrological Magick known to exist.


To complete RR+AC astrological Magick, the Secret Chiefs gave me the Golden Dawn’s system of celestial Magick that can be used to invoke any star system or any star.


This system was only hinted at in the old RR+AC material Crowley published, with the application of the Tarot cards to the vault of heaven.


Together with restoring secrecy protections to Golden Dawn astrological Magick, the Secret Chiefs also gave us essential keys that unlock other parts of the old system, like the decryption keys for the system of Magick Squares published only in encrypted form by Agrippa.


The unencrypted system has never been available in the Golden Dawn or any other publicly known source before.


Finally, the Secret Chiefs transmitted to me the complete esoteric corpus and initiation rituals for the Golden Dawn’s "Third Order,” completing for the first time the tiered 3 Order system envisioned for the Golden Dawn since the beginning.


I can say very little about these higher teachings, except that they include the highest secrets of Hermetic Internal Alchemy.


This is the most secret and most carefully guarded part of the Western Esoteric tradition, because, unlike Magick, these techniques work with deadly, mathematical precision…independently of the skill of the Magician.


It would be disastrous, should they ever fall into the wrong hands.


Hermetic Internal Alchemy is the science of immortality. Its techniques facilitate the extremely rapid creation of a Solar Body of Light, with which death may be vanquished once and for all.


The transition is made between living in the material universe and living in the universe inside light itself.


Unfortunately, these techniques could also destroy anyone not properly prepared for their use, much as a power lifter gradually and slowly, over time, works their way up to the heaviest of weights. To do otherwise, would be to invite disaster.



"Now, because of the internet and Dr. Regardie's work on the astral plane, we can make this information available to everyone who is willing to do the work, while protecting it from anyone who would attempt to abuse it!"


The ability to control what information is shared with whom over vast distances is at the core of our online temple.


Where paper and ink written records can be accessed by anyone and therefore must be kept locked away and available only under close supervision, we are now able to make information available to members of our order based on their level of practice and preparation everywhere and anywhere in the world.


In short, we don't need people to come to us physically to become students, we can make the secrets of our order available to anyone who is ready because we can withhold information from those who are not.


We can train you, test you, even physically initiate you in one of our international network of traditional Golden Dawn temples, and then - when the time is right - share with you to the private, person to person workings of the complete Golden Dawn, as they are finally revealed in their totality.


And we do this all without hokey “New Agey astral initiations” which do not work and could be dangerous!


And thanks to technology, we can do all this no matter where you are in the world, all without the danger of exposing the secret rites and rituals so many have worked so hard and risked so much to protect and preserve.


Magick shouldn't interfere with your mundane life...

…it should help it!


Magic should not be complicated, or get in the way of your mundane life.


Truth is, we are all slaves to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs...as are all creatures on the physical plane.


Only beings of light are truly free. As long as our consciousness requires this physical shell we must care for, and these bodies...


require sleep...


require nutrition...


require shelter...


and require relaxation.


In our mundane world all of those things require money.


That means the vast majority of our members have “day jobs.”


Those jobs require that they be at certain places at certain times. It means people are often tied to geographic locations.


No matter how much someone might want to, they often can't just up and move across the country to become a Neophyte at a Golden Dawn Temple.


That's why we offer our online Golden Dawn temple. The magickal training is exactly the same as you would get in person at any of our physical temples all over the world.


You'll get an inclusive course work, have a tutor/instructor to work with, be able to network with other students on our tutorials forum, attend 2 live webinars a month in our virtual classroom, have access to an extensive library of esoteric knowledge, and you'll be initiated in one of our physical temples around the world.


You'll learn to practice Magick from day 1! There's no 3-5 years of study to earn the right to practice Magick.



With all the published material on Magick available online and in the book store, we know you already have some Magickal experience if you decide to undergo the Great Work. We know you are at least familiar with Magick.


There's no need to waste years building you...you're ready to do basic Magick right now.


You won't be invoking stars on day one, but you will do workings that are in line with your ability, right from the start.


You'll get all the advantages of a physical temple, plus you can study and expand your knowledge no matter what time it is or where you're at, as long as you have an Internet connection.


Anytime 24/7, you can log on and continue your journey in the Great Work, you can expand your power and understanding of the universe and how Magick is inextricably linked to the whole.


There's no reason to feel torn between work schedules or other commitments and your Magickal education.


You can, at your own pace and on your own time, learn everything you need to know to evolve to a being of light.


What some of our students are saying


“The Golden Dawn has shown me that I am Master of my own Destiny, rather than merely the product of my social conditioning.”

- Jacques N., Paris, France


 “I wholeheartedly recommend studying in this Order, which stands unsurpassed for its academic standards, support system and the integrity of actual physical initiations, preserving the age-old initiatic stream that I always dreamed existed.”

- Derek D., Worcester, South Africa


“I have seen profound, positive transformation, not   only in myself, but also in my relationships, and in others on the same Path. I have gained self-mastery, knowledge, and peace within. I have been able to let go of past issues, fine tune my innate talents, and awaken latent ones.” 

- Anabela P., Rio de Janiero, Brazil


“I have always had reservations about any tradition promising things far beyond one's own reality, but any doubts I had were totally blown away by Golden Dawn initiation and practice. This is the real thing!”

- Neal S., Flagstaff, AZ


“I was initially skeptical about the Golden Dawn and magic because there is so much sanctimonious, fluffy bunny stuff in the esoteric world. The effect of the Golden Dawn Neophyte initiation followed by the spiritual practices put my doubts to rest forever.”

- Suso L., Barcelona, Spain


It is time for you to start the Great Work!


If you're still reading, you're here for a reason. And I suspect it's not to read a letter about the history of the Golden Dawn.


As a matter of fact, my guess is you're here because you feel a burning desire to do more than you do, have more than you have, be more than you are, and make a powerful difference in the world.


If you're reading still, it's not a coincidence, it's because you're meant for a bigger and more important life than you are currently living.


You're meant to be one of the few who will follow in the steps of the Secret Chiefs and become a powerful being of light. You're meant to help lead mankind into our next incarnation...our next evolution.


Of course, whether you embrace your destiny or shrug it off is up to you. It will take work, it will mean long hours of study.


You'll have to invest the proverbial “blood, sweat, and tears.”


But if you're up to the challenge, the secrets of the universe will be opened up to you as they have been opened up to me.


You'll be able to call money, love, and empowerment to you at will.



Not obscene wealth, gratuitous sex, and power over others, but you will be able to effortlessly attract a comfortable life and the partner of your dreams...if you don't have that person already.


Keep in mind, I work part time for a few months a year, live in an incredible house, on a large piece of land, drive a Jag, have very nice income, live with the love of my life and have the pleasure of working with Magicians and live my passion year round.


If you want an amazing life, a life that matters, if you want to throw of the shackles of death and live forever...


If you want to remove past worries about material needs, because all of your needs are effortlessly met...


This is the right place for you.



In a physical temple, you would be expected to pay a fee and do menial work for your mentor.


With our online temple, there's no need for menial work...but we do ask you take part in group ceremonies we regularly conduct, in which Magicians from around the world, at a prescribed date and time, will all focus their Magick energy at one cause.


Currently we are working to heal Mother Earth and have periodic ceremonies to that end.


So no menial labor, however research, staff of instructors and maintenance of the online temple takes money.


To that end, there's also a yearly dues payment, that helps maintain the website, pay for time of our Magickal staff, reimburse our facility for research expenses, etc.


We ask all of our students in the outer order to contribute $144 per year. In return you'll receive:

  • Organized lessons that take you in a step-by-step process from the most basic to the most advanced of concepts using the most effective teaching methods developed by 21st Century universities.
  • Training in traditional Golden Dawn Magick from day 1.
  • New information not restricted to printed books.
  • A complete and integrated curriculum spanning over 612 lessons.
  • Bi-weekly theoretical and practical Magick Webinars
  • You don’t have to play a “please the leader” game to get him to share oral information with you. We don’t use smoke and mirrors. You will gain all access to papers and rolls as you advance.
  • You can be sure of authenticity. Part of the trouble with oral transmission is that you often can’t be sure where it came from or if it was changed along the way. Our advanced unpublished secrets are based on verifiable historical documents. 



We are the only Golden Dawn order who can initiate you in Golden Dawn Magick beyond Minor Adept.


We are the only Golden Dawn Order that offers updated and updating curriculum.


We are the only online Temple that offers EVERY student an assigned mentor to make sure they progress.


We are the only online Temple that offers real, physical initiations all over the world...


In short, we are the only true continuation, through Israel Regardie, and by virtue of my contact with the Secret Chiefs, of the Golden Dawn Mathers started 124 years ago.


Come with me on our journey, and let's complete the great work together.




David Griffin

Imperator, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C.

Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega


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