Benefits of Membership 

As a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn you will receive:
  •    Weekly classes and rituals at local Temples and Sanctuaries
  •    Monthly Webinars to assist you with your studies
  •    Members Only Website, including ...
  •          International Golden Dawn Community
  •          Complete curriculum on-line and to download (no messy paper)
  •          24/7 chat rooms for members
  •          Live on-line classes are available at every grade level Neophyte through Portal
  •          Tutorials forum for immediate answers regarding Golden Dawn work.
  •          Grade specific forums
  •          Supplemental materials
  •          Audio files specific to each grade
  •          Recorded rituals, initiations, pronunciations, invocations, pictures, glyphs, and supplemental learning tools
  •          Recorded classes from previous workshops and Conclaves
  •          Archived classes (in case you miss the live class, look it up and view in real time then post questions to the grade specific forum)
  •          Member Profile making it easy to connect with members in your area
  •    A High Grade Tutor to oversee your studies
  •          You get their email addresses and can always reach them
  •    Annual Gatherings and Special Rituals
  •          International Conclaves and Gatherings (2012 in Las Vegas!)
  •          Ceremony of the Equinox (Spring and Autumn)
  •          Seasonal Rites and Events
  •    Extra Curricular Classes
  •          Healing
  •          Angel and Spirit invocation
  •          Divination (tarot, astrology, geomancy…)
  •          Creation of a talisman
  •          Alchemy workshop
  •          …and More
  •    Temple and Sanctuary celebrations and gatherings
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