Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.



Golden Dawn Gallery of Art & Images

-Welcome to the Golden Dawn gallery. Here you will find images from the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian, Hermetic, and Western esoteric traditions. Suggestions and submissions to the gallery are most welcome.


Banner of the East Banner of the West

- The Three Orders on the Tree of Life

- The Rose Cross

- The Garden of Eden Before the Fall

- The Garden of Eden After the Fall

- Restoration (on the lid of the Pastos)

- The Higher and Divine Genius (on the lid of the Pastos)

- Venus Talisman

- The Tree of Life

- Eliphas Levi's Pentagram

- The 1:st vignette of the White Pillar (by Sor. V.N.R.)

Enochian Related Images

- Enochian Elemental Tablets

- Enochian Planetary Tablets

          -Alchemical Images (in preparation):

           -  Aurora Consurgens

           -   Splendor Solis

           -  Atalanta Fugiens


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