Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Biography of Marquis Nicholas Tereschenko

Marquis Nicholas Tereschenko's (1920-2001) family was raised to nobility in the Ukraine by the former Czar of Russia. Marquis Tereschenko became Praemonstrator Ordinis of the European headquartered, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Praemonstrator of the Ahathoor Temple No. 7 in Paris, Chief Adept of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (R.R. et A.C.), and Archon Basileus of S.L. MacGregor Mathers' Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega. Tereschenko was also a High Grade Freemason, an Adeptus Maximus of Madeline Montalban's Order of the Morning Star, and an Arch Druid of the United Ancient Order of Druids.

In 1992, Marquis Tereschenko, together with Jean Pascal Ruggiu, was advanced in London through the Adeptus Exemptus (7=4) Grade at the Serapis Temple, with Apollon Leontas serving as Imperator and Desmond Bourke as Praemonstrator. Charters were issued transmitting multiple lineages, including numerous derivative Golden Dawn lineages. Returning from England armed with these authorizations, Tereschenko and Ruggiu resurrected and reconsecrated the Ahathoor Temple No. 7 in France, exactly 100 years after it had originally been founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in 1892. Together with Countess Tamara Bourkoun, Desmond Bourke, Marquis Tereschenko was instrumental in keeping numerous derivative Golden Dawn lineages alive despite the publications of Crowley and Regardie.

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