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The Ritual Magic Manual

The Ritual Magic Manual


A Complete Course in Practical Magic

Copyright © 1999, David Griffin

How to Use this Book

This book comprises a complete course in Ceremonial Magic, as relevant to the beginner as it is to the accomplished Magician. The Novice as well as the Adept will herein find everything that he or she needs to practice Magic immediately as well as to improve and expand his or her magical training.

The present book makes the secrets of Rosicrucian Magic more accessible to the general public than ever before. More than a theoretical work on Magic, this is a hands on manual for Magical practice. The Rituals in this book integrate and present many disparate, formerly secret, and highly interesting aspects of Rosicrucian Magic, such as the correct use of Flashing Colors, Geometrical Figures, and the Assumption of God Forms.

Learn the Rites and Rituals, and perform them in the order in which they appear. This is important for several reasons. First, the Rituals in the book appear so that the independent student will experience the Energies of the Magical Forces in the same order that they manifest during Initiation into the Rosicrucian Magical Tradition. Furthermore, the Rituals in the main body of the book frequently refer to Basic Rituals found in Chapter One. In other words, success in latter Rituals depends on skills learned in earlier chapters.

Magical Implements

Every serious student and practitioner of Magic will eventually wish to craft and consecrate his or her own Magical Implements and craft the finest ones that he or she can. There is no need to describe the crafting and consecration of the Magical Implements of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Magical Tradition as there are already good books on the subject in print.

The instructions given in the texts of the Rituals in the present book always mention the appropriate Magical Implements to make instructions clearer for advanced Magicians and Rosicrucian Adepts. Nonetheless, with the exception of Demonic Evocation, each Ritual in this book may be performed with nothing more than the Magician's forefinger, a few items found in any kitchen cupboard, and the Enochian Tablets illustrated in this book. Most students will wish to make color photocopy enlargements of these illustrations for their personal magical use until they have crafted his or her own Enochian Tablets.

Most Adepts and experienced Magicians are well aware of the beauty and power added to Rituals by well constructed and properly consecrated Magical Implements. Nonetheless, there is absolutely nothing that can replace actual performance of Ceremonial Magic. A disciplined student who faithfully performs the Rituals every day armed with nothing more than an index finger will eventually make more magical progress than a highly skilled craftsman with the finest Implements who is lacking in discipline for Ritual Work.

For those students who have already crafted and consecrated Magical Implements, the texts of the Rituals appear in such a fashion as to prevent their accidental desecration. The consecration of any Magical Implement or Talisman involves its charging with Energy through Ritual Invocation. To avoid accidentally discharging this Force, protect the object by wrapping it in silk or linen of the appropriate color when not in use. Never allow anyone other than the Magician who charged them to handle these objects, and always put them away before banishing, since Banishing Rituals serve to send away Forces attracted through Invocation.

For the aforementioned reasons, the texts of the Rituals in this book include reference to two separate Banishing Daggers; one Planetary and one Elemental. The experienced Magician will have wondered with which Magical Force to consecrate the Banishing Dagger and how to avoid banishing its Charge. The best answer is to consecrate and use separate Elemental and Planetary Banishing Daggers. Consecrate the Elemental Banishing Dagger using Hexagrams with the Force of Gevurah, and use it to banish Pentagrams. Consecrate the Planetary Banishing Dagger using Pentagrams with the Force of Elemental Spirit, and use it to banish Hexagrams. The beginning student should ignore this discussion, and banish either with an unconsecrated Dagger, or simply use his or her index finger.

Scholarly Considerations

Since Israel Regardie first published the Golden Dawn material in 1937, an unfortunate tendency has developed in books on Ceremonial Magic to uncritically rely on the Hierarchies of Divine Names, Archangels, Angels, Intelligences, Spirits, and Demons as published by Regardie. New research conducted in preparing this book has located pre-Golden Dawn sources for nearly each of these Hierarchies. In the process, numerous corruptions and misconceptions published by Regardie have been either corrected or eliminated. Documentation provided in footnotes, introductions, and appendices shall hopefully encourage additional research in this arena.

The most reliable Names within the Hebrew Hierarchies in this book are those which include Hebrew vowel pointation. In such instances, pre-Golden Dawn sources were located in either in Biblical or Rabbinical literature that included vowel pointation. The inclusion of pointation in these Names wherever they appear in the present book provides the scholar of Magic with information at a glance regarding the degree of reliability of Names from Hebrew Hierarchies. Furthermore, a native-speaking Professor of Hebrew collaborated in correcting all Hebrew pronunciation guidelines given throughout this book.

In Hebrew, there exist certain half-vowels that are shortened versions of usual Hebrew vowel sounds. These Hebrew half-vowels are underlined in phonetical guidelines in this book and should be vibrated only briefly. Although the distinction between regular and shortened vowels is nearly never used in contemporary, spoken Hebrew, it is nonetheless interesting in Magic due to the extended fashion in which Names are vibrated. When vibrating Names containing shortened Hebrew vowels (underlined in book pronunciation guidelines), vibrate these vowel sounds only half the length of time as other vowels, like half-notes in music (Internet note: the sound files included with the rituals at this site utilize this methodology).

Another unfortunate and prevalent tendency in the Western Esoteric Community has been the unreflective and dogmatic application of rules set forth by S. L. MacGregor Mathers and W. Wynn Wescott concerning Enochian pronunciation. These rules can at times be quite useful phonetically, especially with names drawn from Enochian Tablets that otherwise would be impossible to pronounce. However, when rigidly applied to the Enochian Calls, these rules result in endless strings of extraneous syllables that destroy the intent and beauty of the Angelical language. For example, one recent book on the Golden Dawn transliterated the word "Ozongon" from an Enochian Call as "Oh-zoad-oh-noo-goh-noo."

In recognition of this problem, all Enochian Calls, Names, etc., in the present work have been retransliterated from original Enochian manuscripts. The methodology of this new transliteration includes pronunciation information given by John Dee in the manuscripts themselves in addition to the Mathers-Wescott rules. Appendix I, "The Enochian Calls" analyzes this problem in depth and explains the complete methodology used in the new transliteration.


A Special Note Regarding the Internet Hebrew Pronunciation Guidelines



The Rituals in the book, "Rosicrucian Magic," always present Magical Names in two forms. In the case of Hebrew, the correct Hebrew spellings always appear first (including vowel pointation when possible) followed by phonetical guidelines to facilitate correct pronunciation. The Internet poses a special problem in that it does not readily support the inclusion of Hebrew characters. Therefore, a different methodology appears within the Rituals available at this site. A simple substitition scheme has been employed using Latin letters for Hebrew characters as a means of incicating correct spelling, as was done by S. L. MacGregor Mathers in "The Kabbalah Unveiled." To facilitate pronunciation, sound links rather than phonetical guidelined have been included, making use of the opportunity presented by the Internet's multi media potential.

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