Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Egyptian Pyramid God Forms

by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

The Keys of the Governance and Combinations of the Squares of the Tablets. They are the Sphynx and the Pyramid of Egypt; that is, the combination of the Kerubs being the Sphynx. The combination of the Elements being the Pyramid.

Now learn a mystery of the Wisdom of Egypt: When the Sphynx and the Pyramid are united, thou hast the formulae of the magic of Nature." These are the keys of the wisdom of all Time; and its beginning - who knoweth it? In their keeping are the sacred mysteries and the knowledge of Magic and all the Gods."

In the Ritual of the 32nd Path leading unto the Theoricus Grade, it is thus written: The Sphynx of Egypt spake and said: I am the synthesis of the Elemental Forces.! am also the symbol of Man. I am Life. I am Death. l am the Child of the Night of Time."

The solid Pyramid of the Elements again is the Admission Badge of the 28th Path leading to the Philosophus Grade. It is attributed to the Four Elements. Therefore on its base is the word Olahm, meaning World, and upon its sides are the names of the Elements: Aesh, Ruach, Mayim, Aretz or 0phir. Yet the Apex is not allowed to remain vacant, nor quite acute in shape, but is cut off and so a small square is formed at the Apex, and the Letters Eth, meaning Essence are placed therein. This small square maketh of the pyramid a certain Throne or shrine. On this throne a certain ruling force is seated. Within the Throne is a sacredï symbol. Place then within each Pyramid its appropriate sphynx, and the image of its God above. Take thou each Pyramid as

the key of the nature of each Tablet Square. The Sphynx of each will vary in form according to the proportion of the elements comprising the Square. The God of Egypt, whose image is to be placed above each Pyramid, shall represent the force ruling under the direction of the Great Angel of the This God shall be the symbol of the power of the Light acting therein, as the Angel shall be the descent of that Light itself. The Angelic Name may be typified by the correspondences of the four Letters of the Angelís name, adding AL to the Name - the letters of the Name standing for head, bust, arms, body, and lower limbs, etc., as taught in the instruction on Telesmatic Images. Place the name in Theban or Enochian letters on the girdle.

The four forms of the Sphynx are:


The Bull


The Eagle or Hawk


Angel or Man





This variation as to wings is another reason why, in grouping the Tablets and the lesser angles of the same, the two forms of Air and Water are placed above the two Tablets of Earth and Fire.

From the pyramid of the square, the symbolic form of each Sphynx is formed thus: The upmost of the four Triangles (Triangle No. 2.) sheweth the head and neck, and in the case of the Angel or Eagle, it shows whether wings are to be added to the form of the Sphynx. The two triangles right and left (Triangles No.1 and 3) show the body with the arms or Fore-limbs here also. If Angel or Eagle there are Wings added unto the representation of the Figure. The lowest triangle (No. 4.) adds the lower limbs, and the tail of the Bull, Eagle and Lion.

When Air and Fire predominate there is a male tendency. When Water and Earth, the type tendeth to female.

It is to be understood that what is here written regarding the Sphynx of the Pyramid and the God of Egypt ruling above is applicable especially unto the 16 squares of the Servient Angels in each lesser angle.

Concerning the Skrying of the Squares Servient in the Spirit Vision. Have in readiness the necessary implements and insignia; also let the Zelator Adeptus Minor have before him the symbol of the Pyramid of the square. Rehearse the Angelic calls appropriate thereunto and, having invoked the appropriate names governing the Plane and division thereof in question. Let the Z.A.M. imagine unto himself that he is enclosed within that Pyramid. Or let him believe that he is voluntarily standing within an atmosphere corresponding unto that symbolized by the Pyramid of the Square, whether of Heat or Moisture, of Cold or Dryness, or of combinations of these.

Let him then endeavor to follow the Ray there from unto the limits of the Macrocosmic world and to find himself in a scene corresponding unto the nature of the Pyramid Square. That is, either of landscape, or clouds, or water, or fire, or ether, vapor, or mist, or raying light, or a combination or combinations of these, according unto the nature of the Plane.

For the Pyramids of the Squares are not solid pyramids of brick or stone built by the hand of man. But rather the symbolical representation of the elemental formula governing the plane of that particular sphere.

Having arrived at the plane required, let the Z.A.M. invoke the God of Egypt who ruleth above the Pyramid by the power of the Angel of the Sphere - the name formed by adding the appropriate Tablet of Union letter to the Angelís name. At the same time, vibrate the Egyptian (Coptic) Name of the God or Goddess, whereby he shall perceive before him the colossal symbolic form of the God or Goddess. Let him again use the Angelic formulae, and test it by the power of symbols and signs. If it abide these tests, thus showing it is a true image, then let him request it to make manifest before him the Sphynx of its power.

This shall also appear in a colossal figure and shape, and should be tested by the proper formula. He shall continue his invocations until he can behold it clearly, even invoking the Angel of the plane by the superior Names, and by the God of Egypt. Also let him vibrate the name of the Angel, invoking it by its own name, and by the knowledge of its symbolic (telesmatic) image, the Sphynx and by the name of the God of Egypt, and by his own particular symbolic form, according to the formula of the Square. Thus therefore in this manner only - if thou wishest to escape from delusion - shalt thou be able to discern truly, by skrying, the nature of the plane and of its operation. Standing before the Sphynx, and saluting it with the proper signs, and invoking the God of Egypt by his proper and true names, thou shalt ask by the virtue and power of those symbols and names for the knowledge of the operations and influences of that plane. Thou shalt ask concerning the special attributes of that vast portion of the confines of the universe included in that sphere, its varying nature, its elemental nature; its inhabitants, elemental and spiritual etc.; the operation of its rays through the Greater World, that is, the Universe; of its influence upon this particular planet, upon animals, plants, minerals, and lastly upon man the Microcosm.

And when thou shalt have obtained all this reflect that even then it is but a small part of the knowledge of the Wisdom of the Formulae contained in the plane - even of that one square.


For quick working, make sixteen plain triangles; 4 red, 4 blue, 4 yellow, and 4 black. Make also Kerubic Figures. A red lion, a black bull, blue eagles, yellow angel. Divide each into three; the centre piece being halved by a horizontal cut. From these make composite sphynxes to lay under the pyramid. Make small Egyptian Gods to place above the Pyramid.

Make a shallow inverted Pyramid of card-board. Fill the sides as required with the colored triangles to represent the several squares. Let the Pyramid be shallow enough to show all four sides at once.

These be the Gods of Egypt who rule above the Pyramids of the sixteen servient Angels and squares of each Lesser Angle. In the middle of each pyramid is the sphynx of its power. Revere then the sacred symbols of the Gods, for they are the Word manifested in the Voice of Nature.

These be the Elohim of the Forces of the Eternal, and before their faces the forces of Nature are prostrate.








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